The Trifecta 3 Peaks Challenge

The weekend of May 11-12 saw me in Scotland, England and Wales taking part in the Trifecta 3 Peaks Challenge. We were three teams climbing three peaks in aid of three charities … in 24 hours!

The training was intense – early morning sessions at the gym, getting to love burpee deadlifts, long training walks around the Faringdon Folly area every Sunday, and team training walks in the Brecons in all weathers, including Storm Freya.

On the day of departure, I was ready – fit, excited and nervous. Squeezing into the minibuses with our kits, we began the ten hour journey to Fort William.

At 5am the next day, we began the ascent. It was light and mild at Ben Nevis’ base, but we knew that the summit was -8C and covered in snow.

The paths were like rockslides. The climb was relentless. And the views were breathtaking. Then ice and snow appeared as the summit got closer, making it hard to climb the slippery steep bits; there was one bit where we virtually crawled.

Suddenly, there was the summit! Clear skies and sunshine welcomed us. Fifteen minutes later, after absorbing the view and taking the inevitable selfies, mist and cloud fell. We began our descent. Then it hit me – not only did I have to go all the way back down, but I had to climb another two mountains! ‘One foot in front of the other,’ was my mantra from my Marathon days.

Once back down, it was a quick change, some delightful boil in the bag veg chilli, pack up and go.

Scafell Pike was a much shorter climb. It was warm at the base, but by the time we hit the summit it was cold and windy. The sunset turned everything orange; it was like a lunar landscape. As the sun disappeared, head torches were needed for the tricky descent.

Back down, I snuggled into my sleeping bag in the minibus as we headed off to Snowdon – the last mountain ­– where the clock stopped ticking at the summit. Sleep was almost nonexistent.

It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to stay in our allocated teams. The faster members of all three teams pushed on ahead, and the slower ones (including me) followed quite a way behind. There were six of us in my final group, plus our trusted and very patient tail walker, Kim. Working together to ensure that we all made it to the top, we waited for each other, made sure we were all okay, and gave encouragement when needed. We crossed the ‘finish line’ together, as a team, and within the 24 hours, exhausted but smiling and laughing.


Thank You

The Trifecta Three Peaks Challenge has raised £22K so far for our three charities. Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me in this challenge.


What if there was an accident?

Naturally, accidents do happen. Thankfully, none on this adventure! But what if a member of your team did have an accident? What would be the impact on your business if they were away for weeks, or even longer? Here, I talk about the importance of having insurance in case of just such an event. Don’t leave things to chance – your business could be at stake!



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