Just For Fun!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been writing a speech about leadership styles for my latest project on my Didcot Speakers Toastmaster’s Pathway. It features Dolly Parton who I am sure you will know is a famous singer songwriter with blonde curly wigs and rather big boobs.  It turns out she is also recognised and applauded for her leadership skills and I really enjoyed learning more about such an awesome lady.

As I was doing my research, I discovered that her ‘assets’ are insured for £480,000 (some reports say £3.8 million).    Being a big of a nerd where insurance is concerned, I wondered what other body parts had been insured and what was the first body part to be insured.  This is what I found:

Ben Turpin

The silent film actor of the 1920s and one of the first people to take out a policy.  The cross-eyed comedian took out a $25,000 policy, payable if his trademark eyes ever uncrossed.

Bruce Springsteen

The singer’s vocal chords are reportedly insured for $6 million.

Julia Roberts

The Pretty Woman actress has insured her pearly white smile for $30 million.

David Beckham

The footballer had his legs and feet insured in 2006 for £100 million.  It is believed that Beckham’s policy was the largest personal insurance policy in sports history and possibly included his face as well.

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist has his hands insured for $1.6 million.  The policy paid out when he injured his finger on tour in 1990s.

Hayleigh Curtis

In 2016, the BBC reported that this lady, who was a chocolate scientist for Cadbury, had her taste buds insured for £1m.  She was told that she would have to avoid very hot food which could compromise her taste buds and render the Lloyd’s of London policy void.

Ilja Gort

In 2008, the leading European winemaker and taster Ilja Gort insured his nose with Lloyds for $8 million.  He said that “Tasting wine is something you do with your nose, not your mouth.”  His sense of smell was critical for producing top quality wines at his Bordeaux vineyard.

Conditions on the policy said that he was not allowed to ride a motorcycle or be a boxer, knife thrower’s assistant or a fire-breather.

So, there you have it.  And just for fun. (with no tenuous links whatsoever to Group Personal Accident insurance and protecting your most important asset – your employees 😉 )