Is It Really Just You?

A couple of years ago, I was asked by a prospective client: “Is it really just you?” They had been working with a large national broker. Because this broker was much bigger than Spencer Insurance, maybe ‘just you’ felt a bit scary for them.

This business employed about 20 people and was undergoing some changes to their operations which could potentially impact their insurances. They wanted a broker who would take time to ask pertinent questions, see how they operated and appreciate what made them different. Someone who understood what they needed. And they weren’t getting any of this with their current arrangements.

Three months into our working together, and after several policy amendments and a claim, they soon realised that ‘just you’ worked really well for them. And it continues to do so.

Being small means that I always go that extra mile for my clients. You are important to me. I get to know you and your business extremely well. My service is personal, professional, and comes from years of experience, meaning you receive a first class insurance service. Indeed, my success is dependent on this.

Working with Spencer Insurance ensures continuity – you will always get me, and I know all about your business.


“What about holidays?” I hear you ask! Technology being as it is means that my ‘office’ is always with me. A while ago, I reported an Escape of Water claim to an insurer whilst at an amusement park in France. And, when I was in North Devon, I dealt with a break-in to a tenanted property for a client.

However, when we went to South Africa at Christmas 2018, I asked another Chartered Insurance Broker, who is also a member of Broker Network, to act as locum for me. I didn’t know enough about the Wi-Fi situation in SA, so the locum meant that I could go away knowing that my clients were still in safe hands.

As I work with a focused number of clients, the probability of them all having claims and queries at the same time is extremely low, so R&R is still possible!

Team Spencer

From a client’s point of view, I look after their business and provide support with any claims that may arise. This is the bit of my work that I love.

I have, however, learned over the past few years that some necessary tasks are not my strong point.  So, I outsource them! That way they get done.

Being part of Broker Network gives me access to markets and bespoke products that can help me to place risks for my clients. In addition, they handle my Client Money account and provide invaluable compliance support, leaving me with more time to focus on you. I can also call upon them if I am at loggerheads with an insurer, although fortunately this is very rare.

So for that personal service that ensures your business has first class, cost effective insurances for your needs, get in touch today for a chat.

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