I’m a Chartered Insurance Broker – What Do You Do?


When I am doing my networking 60 seconds or sending emails to prospects, I am often told not to mention the words ‘insurance’ or ‘insurance broker’.  So unquestioningly, I have avoided using them.  I would say ‘I’m Jo Spencer, I work with local businesses to help them identify and manage their risks and find a solution to minimise the impact of those risks on their businesses.’  Sure, the word insurance popped up but it was played down.

Why?  What was wrong with saying ‘insurance broker’.  Does insurance have that bad a reputation?  Does it conjure up a vision of someone stiff, in a blue suit, who frazzles your brain with complicated terminology and leaves you in the lurch if you have a claim?  That’s not me – I like pink!  And I care.

Isn’t it funny how we carry preconceptions about certain professions?  We pigeon-hole people and give them the same characteristics.

But we are all different.  And our businesses have things that make them unique and set us apart from the preconceived ‘norm’.  This is vital to remember when looking at a business and its risks.   After all, no two businesses are the same.  They may look the same – same turnover, number of employees, make the same product – but it is not until you look closer that you will find differences that mean they have unique insurance needs.  For example, you could be a manufacturer who is heavily dependent on one supplier for a raw material or an engineer with bespoke machinery that is made abroad.   These factors have an impact on your Business Interruption insurance.  These businesses choose to take risks – both entrepreneurial and financial – and I help them to manage and mitigate these risks.

Yes, there are many common risks that appear in a trade, but an insurance broker’s role is to look beyond these.  To dig deep.

This is what I love about what I do.  I am very privileged to work with some amazing businesses and have grown trusted relationships with them over the years.  They are used to my endless questions and occasional nagging.  They know it is part of my remit and they know why I do it.  I want them to be correctly covered so that if the worst happens, they are back up and running as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption to their trading.

I now open my 60 seconds with ‘I’m Jo Spencer.  I’m a Chartered Insurance Broker’.  Get in touch and tell me what makes your business different.

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