Does Your Business Need 3D Printing Solutions?

Until recently, 3D printers were costly and only suitable for largescale commercial use. Now that they’re more affordable, SMEs can benefit from their speed and quality, exponentially improving your manufacturing times.

Metal 3D printing

Whilst plastic printing is already used for commercial purposes, metal printing is rapidly catching up. With industry giants like HP, Nike and GE on board, those advancements should happen very soon. In fact, 3D metal printers have already increased in speed, ease of use and performance, producing sophisticated, quality metal alloys.

What’s in store for the future?

Predicted to dramatically reduce the cost and time required for producing complex parts, metal 3D technology can compact the working power of entire factories into one machine, creating a ‘tardis-esque’ potential to push capability past anything seen before.


These developments mean that SMEs could print parts in hours, not days, and manufacture more bespoke items. Your in-house team could develop parts quickly, on site, instead of letting customers down with long wait times because the parts aren’t available.

A particular example of metal 3D printing which grabbed my attention is Renishaw, a Gloucestershire based business who manufacture 3D printing systems and solutions.  Here they show how 3D printing allows you to produce intricate pieces and simplify complex details.

In the next few years, metal 3D printing could be set to boom!

Protect your assets

When using 3D printing technology in your business, you’ll need the right cover. Not only will you need to protect the machine itself against damage, such as fire or theft, but you will also need to protect yourself with product liability cover, essential for any items you print in-house and sell/issue for customer use. You should also consider Machinery Business Interruption cover in case the printer fails, losing you vital income from that downtime.

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