Meet Jo

When I was younger, I didn’t have a desire to work in insurance – let’s be honest, who does?!  I fell into insurance, and if you were to ask others in the industry, many would probably say the same.

At school I thought about joining the police force – I was just about tall enough to join the Met.  I also toyed with the idea of becoming a PE teacher.  In the end I took a business studies degree with a year working in Germany for an insurance company – a far cry from walking the beat and doing star jumps with 7 year olds!

After my degree I joined Spencer Insurance Brokers.  My parents had set up the business in 1983 so I knew about insurance.  When I was at school, I would help my Dad with writing covernotes and brokerforms and working out motor insurance quotes which in those days were done using a rating guide from each insurer and a calculator.  There were no computers or quote engines.  I had also learned about insurance during my degree placement although the German insurance industry was very different to the UK but the concept of risk was the same.

Soon after I joined the business, I gained my CII Associateship and became a partner.  My Dad had stressed to me the significance of this qualification.  It demonstrated a commitment to professionalism.  However,  the bar was set high – my Dad held his Fellowship which is regarded as the top qualification for those working in the insurance industry – and not to be ‘outranked’ by him, I went on to complete my Fellowship.  An achievement I am very proud of.   As a Chartered Insurance Broker, I follow a programme of Continuing Professional Development and the learning never stops.   My clients change and grow so I too need to adapt and grow with them in my knowledge.

At the end of 2015 my parents fully retired and I took on the responsibility of running the business.   A tough decision particularly as so many smaller independent brokers were, and still are, disappearing.  As a female, solopreneur, independent insurance broker I am probably quite unique!  My main focus has always been doing what’s right for my clients, making sure that they are properly covered, supported during a claim and genuinely caring about them and their businesses.  

Folly imageOutside of work, spending quality time with my family and friends is very important – long bike rides and walks are what I enjoy doing.

I also love running and in 2014 I fulfilled a long term ambition and ran the London Marathon. Running a marathon requires determination, commitment and an inner strength to see the task through to the end. These are values that I take with me into my business and I always strive to do the best for both myself and my clients.