About Me

‘No two business are the same’ is an important message at Spencer Insurance Brokers.  

It sits at the heart of all client relationships.  There will many common risks that appear in a trade, however, as an insurance broker, my role is to dig deep and look beyond these risks.  Like Bill and Ben (shown in the photo), they may look the same but it’s not until you look much closer, that you will actually find differences.

To really understand what risks clients face, I visit them to see their processes and how they operate.  Talk to them about their key customers and suppliers and find out what makes them different to others in their industry.  For example, take a manufacturer who imports a major component from one supplier overseas and compare that with a manufacturer in the same industry who uses several UK suppliers.  Each business has unique insurance needs which in this example should be reflected in their Business Interruption cover.

Very often these differences are overlooked and can lead to inadequate cover.  When it really matters – when a claim is made and the policy is called into play – greatly reduced claim payments, and in the event of a major disaster, the failure of the business can be the result.  Insurance is there to protect your business but it is vital that the cover is correct.

My mission is to help SMEs like yours to get their insurance right so that in the event of a claim you are up and running again as quickly as possible.  I take time to gain a clear and deep understanding of your business and the risks you face.  Insurance with insight, something that can often be lost in today’s transactional world of insurance where many material facts and covers can be overlooked.

The Insurance with Insight Difference

  • I pride myself on providing a personal, bespoke service that supports your specific circumstances.
  • I visit you as this is the only way to understand your business and how it operates.
  • I will keep in regular contact – through an annual review and periodic catchups.
  • I will explain insurance terminology in simple terms and ensure you are using the right figures so that you are correctly insured – essential to ensure a full settlement in the event of a claim.
  • If you have to make a claim, I will support you at every stage of the process.
  • I work with a select number of clients so that I can guarantee you my time, care and understanding.
  • For continuity, you will always speak to me.
  • I check cover, warranties and indemnities for all my clients.

A Member Of The Broker Network

As a member of The Broker Network I have access to numerous competitive and exclusive products to protect your business.  As an independent insurance broker, I am not tied to specific insurers and so my advice and recommendations will be the right solution for your business.